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Under New Management

As of fall 2012, The White House Studio Project is now under new management.

This website and blog will act as a database of documentation of the old White House, it’s projects and happenings. The information listed on this site is now out of date and just left as a relic to the old days.

On behalf of the old board of directors I’d like to thank everyone who has participated, contributed and attended the White House over the past 3 years. Thank you for making it some of the best years of my life.

Here’s to the future.

Vanessa Rieger
Co-Founder of the White House Board of Directors, 2008-2012

For up to date news on the new project’s events, go to

UPCOMING: “Sadistic Glam” -’94

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alexander Hryshko and White House Studio member Nathaniel Addison present “Sadistic Glam” -’94, a sardonic investigation of ruin and redundancy uncovered through photographs, bootleg VHS tapes, shoot interviews and cheap souvenirs. Evidence of real pain and personal tragedy are documented and arranged to present an alternate perspective on celebrity and spectacle from behind the scenes of professional wrestling.

Displayed using obsolete technologies that signify the temporary highs experienced by pro wrestlers, the collection chronicles a mainstreaming of violence and corruption that has accelerated over the last 30 years of the oldest sport in the world.  “Sadistic Glam” -’94 confronts the youths’ naive adoration with brutal truths and disturbing personalities, attempting to reconcile the difference.

Bands start around 11.






3d photo!

3rd photo from inside The White House by Zak Tatham.
More 3d photos here.

One Way Ticket: Performance Dance Show

Richie Doyle is an emerging dance artist currently based in Toronto.  In May, Richie will be traveling to Brussels, Belgium as an opportunity to further his artistic and professional growth, as well as establish himself as a member of the dance community abroad.  Doyle’s pilot performance project: One Way Ticket, will also be a fundraiser to help finance his educational endeavors. The event will be a showcase of Toronto-based dance artists, as well as collaborations with visual and spoken-word artists.

Saturday April 14th
@ The White House Studio Project

Doors at 7:30pm.
Performances start at 8:08pm.

Performances by:
Richie Doyle
Helen Cox & Joey Eddy
Emma Kerson
Jolyane Langlois & Sarah Reid
Bare Neck and Brazen (Olivia Citter & Madeleine Shen)
Ana Claudette Groppler
Spoken word by Liz Howard and Paul Kevin Wadsworth
Video installation by Jonathan Edward Mayhew,
featuring Richie Doyle & Jarrett Siddall.

Live music performance by Bo Janglez
DJ and dance party to follow the performances

10$ donation gets you raffle tickets for prizes!

Click here for Facebook Event!

Who’s That?!

Studio Member Sarah D’angelo has started a photo project on our website called: Who’s That?! She will be continuously photo documenting White House Studio Members and their ever changing studio spaces.

Click Here for More WHO’S THAT?!