Studio Rules

NO pets
NO smoking
NO turpentine, aerosols or other hazardous chemicals*
*We encourage artists to use less harmful chemicals or low off-gassing substitutes as people have allergic sensitivity.

Studio Conduct:
1) Make sure door is locked.

If you are the last person to leave you must make sure door is securely locked. Also if you are alone at the studio it is always advised to have the front door locked to ensure your safety.

2) Turn off Lights/Heat/Air conditioner
If you are the last person to leave, please make sure all lights, heat and a/c is off. This will reduce our hydro and gas bill! Save money!

3) Keep Communal Space Clean!

The main space, wood shop, bathroom, washout sinks, and studio kitchen must remain as tidy as possible out of respect for all the other studio members. Do not leave out food, beer cans and other substances that could be food for bugs and fruit flies. Please clean up after yourself.

4) Respect Your Neighbours!

Keep your mess contained to your own space and do not use anyone elses property unless you have asked permission. Also respect our neighbours outside by throwing cigarette butts in garbage and not in front of stores.

5) No Dumping Mediums Down the Sink
Please use the wash out room for washing paint utensils. Make sure drain catcher is in the sink to catch all large pieces that could potentially clog the sink.

6) Have Fun and Make Art!