To contact us about studio availability, event bookings and general inquiries please email us at:

Studio Application Requirements:
If you are emailing us about studio availability, please note that we work on a first come first serve basis. We generally have a waiting list for studio spaces as we rent on a month to month basis. In your email please attach artist bio, C.V., any relevant website links and under 5 examples of your work. It is not mandatory to have these things in order to get a studio space, but it helps us get a better understanding of who you are as an artist and what studio requirements you might have.

Event Booking Requirements:
If you are emailing us because you would like to host an event at the White House, curate an event, or have a gallery show please email us your artist statement, curatorial statement and up to 5 relevant links and photos. Please note: we are NOT a “venue” and do not book concerts. We do host events with musical performances, but only if there is an “art” component to the event. (i.e. bands playing along to video or art performance). We have a humble capacity limit and about 25 chairs to use as audience seating. Please email us for rental negotiations.

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