It Follows Me

“It Follows Me” will be a continuation of the September26th event (Peripheral Redundance) that happened at DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto. This new event will be at an entirely new space and with a somewhat different vibe.
This night will consist of primarily video works from the previous show, as well as, some new works and possibly some new performances; all of which reflect upon the original theme of: The Other In The Everyday.

The original performance event and screening involve a large number of current and former residents of the White House Studio.

Double Double Land Land
209 August
$3 @ the door starts at 8PM – videos start at 9 with an intermission at 10… be early due to small space!


Derek Muehlgassner
Laura McCoy
Anna May Henry
Jubal Brown
Neelam Kler
Laura Paolini
SR Palm
Jamie Ross
Vanessa Rieger + Kevin Hainey
Minao Omi+ Anaeq

Performances by:

Jon McCurley
Yuula Benivolski

Curated by: David F. M. Hanes and Xenia Benivolski

A special thanks to Double Double Land for hosting this event.

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