Marisa Hoicka

Marisa Hoicka: Oh, Grow Up Already.
Marisa Hoicka uses audiences within her paintings as a point of departure from which to extend the boundaries of painting and performance art. In these dreamlike historical narratives of domestic environments, the “performers” and “audiences” are intermingled. Which is which often remains undetermined. Her work asks, if neither performer nor audience can see the other is it still a performance? Can an interaction be a performance? Is a performer with an imaginary audience really performing?

Hoicka’s work explores, in a surreal yet pragmatic way, young people’s relationships – or lack of – to labour and love. Her work explores insecurities about gender, sexuality and responsibility. It reflects people’s never-ending quest for desire and comfort and to reject the undesirable and uncomfortable. She bridges the fantasy and reality of these relationships by creating work that is simultaneously disgusting, beautiful and humorous.

Photos by Dan Epstein.