This Thursday: NEW CIVILIZATIONS Book Launch

++++++++ BOOK LAUNCH ++++++++CHRIS FOSTER++++++++

Developed over the period of two years, New Civilizations is a body of elaborate collages created with collected imagery from old magazines and books. The works depict improbable landscapes that integrate modern and ancient architecture. They depict figures engaged in ambiguous activities of construction and destruction suggesting a state of flux. They use a dark sense of humour to explore patterns of futility in human activity while negotiating feelings of optimism and hopelessness. New Civilizations is self published in a first print edition of 250, 24 pages printed offset. They are $25.

Join us this Thursday for the launch
at The White House, 277.5 Augusta Ave.
Opens at 8pm.

Chris Foster is a Halifax based Artist working in illustration, installation and printmaking. His work employs a dark sense of humour to explore themes of escapism, resourcefulness and First World excess.

More of his work can be viewed at

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