Studio Policies

At the White House Studios, people are encouraged to experiment, collaborate and create. We are a 24 hour access studio, not live-in or sleep-in studio. It is a WORK environment only. Our basic studio rules ensure the safety of everyone in the studio and the safety of the artworks.

Declaration of Non-Discrimination
The White House Studio project declares that its organization adopts and upholds the City of Toronto’s policy statement that prohibits discrimination, harassment and protects human rights.

Our project is focused on providing affordable and functional studio spaces for emerging artists who otherwise might not be able to afford the facilities on their own. We interview applicants on a first come first serve basis and the Board of Directors vote on all new members of the studio. This process reduces bias and eliminates selectivity of new studio members.

Studio members are chosen based on their dedication to their artistic practice and their need for an affordable studio space. We prohibit any discrimination based on age, ancestry, citizenship, religion, colour, disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender identity, level of literacy, martial status, place of origin, political affiliation, race, record of offenses, sex, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics by or within the organization.

The White House Studio Project has a zero tolerance to anyone within our studio, member or visitor, who demonstrates/advocates discrimination, harassment or hate crimes of any nature. Persons failing to respect our need for a peaceful and positive working environment will be asked to leave immediately.

By adopting this policy we hope to foster an environment of creativity, positivity, community and multi-culturalism.