Past Members

Over the past two years The White House has provided affordable working spaces for artists residing in downtown Toronto. Some artists rent for long periods of time, while others rent a studio just when they need the extra space, but everyone in their way has helped shaped and support this on going studio project. Without them, we simply wouldn’t exist. We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who has entered the White House and hope to see you again real soon!

Past members listed in no particular order….

Laura Curley
Xenia Vakova
Charlie Black
Serge Slipachenko
Diana Lynn Vander Meulen
Adam Bradley
Cameron Lee
Alex MacKenzie
Megan Speers
Donna Irvine
Ariel Shepherd
Margaret-Jean Broughton
Sara Titanic
Tomas Del Balso
Victoria Cowan
Aaron Li-Hill
Abena Asomaning
Brette Gabel
India Amara
Kat Burns
Frances Allen
Jimmy Limit
Laura Wickett
Sebastian Butt
Kate-Christine Miller
Ashley Long
Bonny Poon
Melissa Fisher
Wallis Cheung
Ashley Green
Jon McCurley
Glennie Whithall
Noel Middleton
Lily Chan
Steve Kempster Whelpdale Thomas
Jonny Wheeldon
Dan Rocca
Andrew C. Zukerman
Drew Belsky
Gwyneth Fischer
Neil Collyer
Daisy Chan
Mike jacobs
Zoe Alexis- Abrams
Jen Hutton
Emily Cook
Rebecca Fin Simonetti
Christy Kunitzky
Gregory Denton
Xenia Benivolski
Julia Dickens
Hayden Menzies
Lisa Cristinzo
Liana Schmidt
India Amara
Vanessa Maltese
Samantha Miodovnik
David F. M. Hanes
Sarah Friend
Laura Aidanblaise
Abby McGuane
Maja Montgomery
Patricia Beattie
Emily Cumming
Robert Farmer
Samantha Madonik
Amy Wong
Matt England
Stella Mandrak-Pagani
Dessa Harhay
Dani Nash
Marisa Hoicka
Juliann Wilding
Ceilidh Stidwill
Brandon A. Dalmer
Alexander Scholz
Adrian Dilena
Matt Tanner

Project Room:

Katie Pretti
The CN Tower Liquidation
Alex Wolfson
Bojana Stancic
Janis Demkiw
Christine Swinatk
Olia Mischenko
Michael Brown

Participating Artists in Shows and Events:

Jennifer Chan
Brenda Goldstein
Sylvana D’angelo
Jamie Ross
Katie Kehoe
Kaitlin Till-Landry
Victoria Cheong

2 responses to “Past Members

  1. emily colquhoun

    hey interested in renting a space at the white house for january. can you tell me how to go about doing that? thanks.

  2. Email us at
    Send us brief artist bio and website if you have.
    They’re might be a small waiting list. We’ll let you know.

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