Trampoline Hall Tickets

Since December 2011, The White House has been participating with the lecture series Trampoline Hall by designing and creating artist made tickets for the event. Each month, a different White House Studio Member creates hand-made tickets to their liking or involving their own artistic practice. This collaborative project will be continuing until June of 2012. The project is coordinated by Misha Globerman of Trampoline Hall and facilitated by Vanessa Rieger of the White House Studio Project.

The following is documentation of the tickets and their artists.

December: Vanessa Rieger (painter and wood worker)

January: Basil Alzeri (performance artist)

February: Sarah D’Angelo (illustrator and animator)

: Adam Cowan (image coming soon)

April: Vince Vining

May: Magda Wojtyra (upcoming)

June: David Graham (upcoming)

July: Zoe Solomon (upcoming)