Grant Writing Workshop

October 25th, externally hosted at at Double Double Land, 209 Augusta.


Multiple time Grant-getter Amy Lam will teach the fine art of Grant Writing.

In the Socialist nation of Canada we are lucky to have access to
health care and arts councils.
Please see:

So, how to write a grant? In this workshop, we’ll cover the important stuff:

– This Grant is Right for Me
– Make Sense Project Proposals
– Support Material Downward Dog
– HD CVs
– Budget Balance
Also, bring what you are working on! We will also address your
individual questions!
Grant Writing: not that bad!

Sign up for the workshop at:
IMPORTANT! Please tell me: Is there a specific grant you are applying
for? If so, which?

PWYC Suggested Donation $10


Toronto Arts Council:

Individual Media Artists – November 10

Ontario Arts Council:

Integrated Arts – Nov 2
Media Artists: Emerging – Nov 16
Visual Artists; Emerging – Dec 1

Canada Council for the Arts Grant Deadlines:

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