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The Homey Show

Studio members Vanessa Rieger and Xenia Benivolski have work in The Homey Show just down the street at Double Double Land!
On until July 29, 2010.
Double Double Land,
209 Augusta, Toronto.

The work assembled for exhibition recreates the domestic environment in its various forms, from functional home furnishings such as lamps made by Michael Comeau and Hugh Alexander Scott-Douglas, to reupholstered chairs by Jacob Horwood and ceramic dinnerware by Amy Bowles. The decorative, such as a handmade rug by Anthony Record and crocheted wall hangings by Eden Veaudry, are also included, as well as work that examines what makes a space a home, including family portraits by Adrienne Kammerer, and a blessing ritual performed in proxy, at the opening, by Mary Kidd.

The exhibition also features work by:
Cameron George Lee, Nikki Woolsey, Mark Delong, Sebastian Butt, Tara Downs, Anna May Henry, Georgia Dickie, Sandy Plotnikoff, Matt King, Xan Hawes, Julia Kennedy, Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam + Jon McCurley), Xenia Benivolski, Romy Lightman, Liam Crockard, Vanessa Rieger, Terrarea (Janis Demkiw, Olia Mishchenko, Emily Hogg), Augustina Saygnavong, Abby McGuane, Sojourner-Truth Parsons and Zeesy Powers.

All work is for sale.

The Homey show is curated by Sarah Butterill, Arielle Gavin, Jesjit Gill and Laura Mccoy.


Please welcome the new White House studio residents starting August 2009

EMILY COOK spent her childhood in Canada, Senegal and Greece. She has never lived in one place continuously for more than five years. In 2005 she received her BFA in printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, where she first encountered handmade paper. She has since spent three years at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, studying paper and its properties and the unique qualities it can bring to art work. During her time there, Louisiana was hit by two of the worst hurricanes in 100 years. Damage to the delicate marshlands along the Gulf Shore caused by introduced species and the oil industry has ensured that hurricanes have more impact on the mainland of the Gulf States than in the past. The devastation of natural landscapes and human lives witnessed in Louisiana helped inform Emily’s MFA thesis Drift. Emily has now returned to Toronto and is teaching at Ontario College of Art and Design.

BRENDON A. DALMER was born in Edmonton, AB. where he lived until attending the Alberta College of Art and Design where he received a BFA in Painting. Brandon has exhibited in various space such as the Stride Gallery, he has also been involved in organizations such as the New Gallery, M:ST, and Stride. Brandon was one of the founders of the 809 Gallery, which was an alternative artist-run gallery operating from out of his garage.

Currently he resides in Toronto where he lives and works.
He mainly spends his time playing video games and watching old cartoons.


In other news, the White House Collective Quartrly Exhibition THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND has been scheduled for August 29th. Further updates will follow.



A workshop By Zeesy Powers
Many of you have been hearing about “the Internet”. You may be wondering, how can I make the Internet work for me? How do I unlock its secrets? The Internet can provide many opportunities for the young artist. The White House proudly presents an entertaining and educational workshop presentation by Zeesy Powers to reveal these mysteries.


Zeesy will present the 2nd installment of her lecture series on Tuesday, August 11th at the white house.
WEEK TWO | HTML & CSS continued
-div tags and specified CSS
-uploading using FTP and editing online
-meta tags
7 P.M.
PWYC (suggested donation $10)
Useful information that will help you to understand our online world and how to create your own kingdom within it.

Refreshments and cash bar.

Please RSVP to Zeesypowers@gmail.com