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This Saturday, March 31st!

a show of band t-shirts for bands that don’t exist!

@ The White House Studio Project
277.5 Augusta Ave., Toronto
Saturday, March 31, 2012
8:00pm until 12:00am

The t-shirts that you weren’t allowed to see. Banned t-shirts for metal bands that don’t exist, or that never made it, coating the walls of the White House Gallery. Once we remove the referenced sound and subject we are left with the objective tee cloth; a disassociated idea of pure market fantasy and functional warmth.

Contributing Artists:
Ashley Barron
David Contin
Annie Milova
Efehan Elbi
Eric Euler
Felix Larios
Aaron Manczyk
Taras Ostapchuk
Stephen Seguin
Zachariah Tatham
Bradford Wilson
+ plus +

3D Projections by Zachariah Tatham & Aaron Manczyk (minus da 3D)

Featuring DJ set by ZZIJIZZ (BJ & Rimmer)
+ special guests +