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This Nuit Blanche the White House Studios will be buzzing Friday and Saturday.

Symbol. Metaphor. Muse. Nuisance. Killer…
Buzzy, fuzzy, gatherer of pollen…
Fashioner of beeswax and honey…
Lynchpin of agrarian culture…
Hive-minded matriarchal exemplar…
Shrill shill of sugary breakfast cereals…

A great ally, a great danger – of all the insects is there another that occupies as large a place in our myths, imagination, and all too brutal realities. BEES have hypnotized, traumatized, terrorized, and tantalized children of all ages throughout the ages. These children grow up to be artists such as yourself. Now is the time for artists to plumb the depths of the sub-conscious and explore the deep-seeded fears, desires, and questions these haplo-diploid creatures so haplo-diplomatically evoke.

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Curated by Brandon Dalmer, Adam Cowan & Derek Aubichon.

TAAC Panel and Public Debate: Nuit Blanche and the Biennial

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche is the world’s best-funded and most expensive art event of its kind, and the city both attends it in droves, and criticizes it widely. Popularity and punditry go hand in hand. Typically the established discourse around the event happens after the event and not before, and the TAAC would like to change the course of things, inflecting change in – and not merely respond to – the event this year.

Whether you’ve got biennial burnout, nuit blanche boredom, or feel excited at the prospect of these and other art festivals, we need to talk. Join the Toronto Alliance of Art Critics and guest speakers for a discussion on the state of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, our potential for a Biennial, and other issues pertaining to Toronto criticism and culture.

Thursday March 17th
8-10pm at the White House
(#227.5 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market).
Doors at 7:30pm.
[Limited seating so come early to secure a spot]

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins
Dave Dyment
Sarah Robayo Sheridan
Camilla Singh
Vicky Moufawad-Paul
Kim Simon
Zack Pospienszynski
David Liss
Andrea Carson
Otino Corsano
David Balzer
Murray Whyte

Image Credit:
An Te Liu, “Ennui Blanc” 2010.
neon sign, installation view,
Out of Site / Nuit Blanche, Toronto.
photo: Annie Wang