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10×10 Photo show up now!

Last Thursday’s opening of the 10×10 had a great turn out and was a huge success! Thanks to all the participating photographers, all the artists who were involved and to everyone who came to celebrate! And a big congratulations to studio member James Fowler who organized and curated the event!

If you missed the opening, the show is up until this Thursday!
Come check it out!
Also the 10×10 books are available for purchase at the gallery.
40$ each with proceeds going to supporting the studio project and a queer arts grant.

Gallery Hours:
Monday July 4th – Thursday July 7th
12 Noon – 7pm


Also, there is a great article about the show in this month’s Fab Magazine.
You can download the issue at this link.

POSTCRIPT: Press Update

This just in, Toronto Life wrote an article covering the 10×10 opening and book launch! How exciting! Tons of party pictures too! Everyone at the White House is so happy to receive all the support for this project and interest in keeping it going. Seeing everyone come together to celebrate pride and the arts really lifted all of our spirits! See you next pride!


Vanessa Rieger’s Anonymous Identities

White House board member Vanessa Rieger is showing some of her paintings at a coffee shop in the East end of Toronto. The work will be up for the next two months so if you’re in the Leslieville neighbourhood, stop by.

Mercury Espresso Bar

915 Queen Street East
Open Mon-Fri, 8am – 8pm.

Anonymous Identities is an investigation into the ritual of concealing one’s identity. Inspired by documented photographs of terrorists, protesters, and activists from all over the world, Rieger examines the behavioral similarities between cultures. Some figures conceal their faces with items that were available to them: scarves, head wraps, bags etc. Others take the time to handcraft headdresses and create seemingly iconic faces of fear, struggle, and intimidation. At first glance these portraits can evoke fear in the viewer, but within this body of work Rieger poses many questions. What is it that we fear? Is it the unknown? Is it the threat of violence? Or is it the fear that the people underneath these masks could be our friends, our family, or our children?

By painting these portraits, Rieger reveals the process and ritual of creating identity through anonymity. Not meant to glamorize or glorify, but by isolating these “faces” of rebel men and women throughout the world, Rieger hopes to illustrate that ideas of terrorism or extremism cannot be isolated to just one group of people or one specific culture. The use of only black paints reveals depth and value in what may be considered by some as “one colour” in a “black and white” issue.

Anonymous Identities is a series of portraits Vanessa Rieger painted from 2009 – 2011. While attending OCAD for drawing and painting, Rieger was instructed by various professors never to use black paint. Many consider manufactured black paints to be “untrue” and used as a crutch by “painters who cannot mix paint.” Discovering that every manufactured black has a different hue and different quality, Rieger experimented with the medium to create form and value while using only 5 different shades of black.

Vanessa Rieger was born and raised in Toronto. She earned a degree in Drawing and Painting from OCAD and currently runs her own framing business, VR Frames. Rieger also helps run and coordinate The White House Studio Project, an artist-run studio co-op based in Kensington Market.