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Plinth action #3 by Basil AlZeri

The “Plinth action#3” will appear again on the streets of Kensington Market on July 31st during Pedestrian Sunday. This public intervention will be bringing the museum/institution mounted structures to the public to re-examine the artists role in relation to the establishment and academia. Who picks what? Why? And how is it presented? The bodies of the performers will be raised ascending on these plinths out-thrusting from the ground, forced in by weights, thoughts and fears to extend through.

6 Artists/Participants will be joining Basil AlZeri:

Maryam Taghav
Patrick Biller
Adam Cowan
Hoi Ning Chang
Reece McCrone
Jamie Ebbs

Performance times:

Located out front of the White House Studio Project
277.5 Augusta Ave.

Basil AlZeri is a multidisciplinary artist that works in performance, video, installation, food and found objects. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada – from Palestinian descent. Performed at Fait Maison in Quebec, Canada, Central Canadian Center for Performance, Winnipeg, Canada. AlZeri attended START Home artist residency in Amman, Jordan and PAF in St.Erme, France in 2010. AlZeri’s performance/installation work will be presented at the performancear o morir (performance art festival) Chihuahua, Mexico and in Nuit Blanche 2011,Toronto. He is an art educator, artist, community worker and active member of the White House Studio Project.