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This Thursday Night! OPENINGS!

This Thursday June 23rd, two of our studio members are having solo shows!
It’s definitely worth checking both out tomorrow.
Also note, after 11pm, we’ll be having an after party at the White House till late! Come celebrate!

Marisa Hoicka: Oh, Grow Up Already
at the White House Studios
277.5 Augusta Ave. (Kesington market)
Opening Thursday June 23rd, 7pm – 11pm. (after party to follow)

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Jonathan Edward Mayhew: 10 Degrees Mouth
at Gallery West 1332 Queen St. West
Opening June 23rd, 7-10pm.

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Oh, Grow Up Already: New works by Marisa Hoicka

June 21st – (pedestrian) Sunday June 26
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 23, 7pm-11pm

The White House Studio Project is pleased to present Marisa Hoicka’s series of new paintings in her solo show, Oh, Grow Up Already. Hoicka uses audiences within her paintings as a point of departure from which to extend the boundaries of painting and performance art. In these dreamlike historical narratives of domestic environments, the “performers” and “audiences” are intermingled. Which is which often remains undetermined. Her work asks, if neither performer nor audience can see the other is it still a performance? Can an interaction be a performance? Is a performer with an imaginary audience really performing?

In a surreal yet pragmatic way Hoicka’s work explores young people’s relationships– or lack thereof– to labour and love. Her work explores insecurities about gender, sexuality, and responsibility. It reflects people’s never-ending quest for desire and comfort and rejection of the undesirable and uncomfortable. She bridges the fantasy and reality of these relationships by creating work that is simultaneously disgusting, beautiful, and humorous.

Hoicka is an emerging artist working in a variety of media including painting, performance art, fibres, and breakdancing. She recently graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University. She has had professional showings of her work in galleries such as Gallery 401 and Art Mur, and was featured in FADO’s 2011 Emerging Artist Series. Hoicka is currently based between Toronto and Montreal.

Gallery sitting hours
: Tuesday-Saturday 5pm-7pm, Pedestrian Sunday 12pm-7pm

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OPEN HOUSE: 1st Pedestrian Sunday!

The White House is opening it’s doors on the first Pedestrian Sunday of the year!

We will be showing a huge group show of various works by our current members in the studio. We will be selling art and summery refreshments. Come check out the show, hang out and join the festivities in the market!

Elizabeth Basskin
Jeff Riffle
Nitasha NcKnight
Ceilidh Stidwill
Derek Aubichon
Jonathan Mayhew
Vanessa Rieger
Brandon A. Dalmer
James Fowler
Dessa Harhay
Zoe Solomon
Matt Tanner
Taryn Mooradian
Marisa Hoicka
Amy Wong
Paul Kevin Wadsworth
Basil Al-Zeri
Stella Mandrak-Pagani
Joey Bruni
Iris Fraser
Sarah D’angelo


This Open House is also in conjunction with events at neighbouring studios and galleries in the neighbourhood!


with Rochelle Rubenstein Studio, Friends of Churchill Studio, *Hotshot, Whippersnapper Gallery and Kapisanan Philippine Centre.


Studio member, Marisa Hoicka, will be performing at next weekend’s
FADO emerging Artist Series along with some other talented emerging performance artists. Check it out!

FADO Performance Art Centre presents:
the 2011 Emerging Artists Series

Curated by Gale Allen

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas
Johnny Forever & Marisa Hoicka
Amy Lam
Amy Jenine Ling Wong
Lisa Visser

Saturday March 12, 2011

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

DAY PROGRAM / on-going performances: 12-6PM (FREE)
EVENING / performance event: 7PM (PWYC/$10)

Extra-Rational is a series of performances by emerging Canadian artists that embrace the aesthetics of popular culture and seek to recuperate/utilize these “low brow” processes of production and cognition. The artists in Extra-Rational intentionally make use of aesthetic choices and methods of production that directly challenge the rubric of high-brow vs low-brow culture. These artists use the position of the trivialized, the unmentionable, the frivolous, the carnal and the other as a means to challenge the rationalization of high culture.



Feb. 11th @ The White House

“Your Next Life” invited artists to record aspirations and surmise predictions for how one arrives there, if they arrive at all. Will life be better? Will it be worse? What entities and mediators exist within the subconscious and the conscious?

Curated by :

Adam Cowan

Featuring artworks by:
Laura Curley
dAeve Fellows
Jonathan Mayhew
Erin Finley
Mark & Patricia
Randall Gagne
Stacey Sproule
Stephanie Fielding
Ulysses Castellones
Robert Dayton
Hanna Hur
Mark Byk
Ian MacTilstra
Jonny Wheeldon
Peter Mohideen
Derek Aubichon
David F.M. Hanes
Zoe Noble Fox
Kaley Flowers
Beth Kotierk
Zoe Solomon
Nitasha McKnight
Felix Kalmerson
Tarp Ghost
Singithi Kandage
Marisa Hoicka
James Fowler

And Performances by:

Fresh Flesh
Amy Jenine
Adrian Disman

+ DJ Peter Malcolm

Show Duration: One night only!
9pm Doors: Phase 1 of “Your Next Life”
1am – 2nd Phase.
2am close

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123576191049675