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Feb. 11th @ The White House

“Your Next Life” invited artists to record aspirations and surmise predictions for how one arrives there, if they arrive at all. Will life be better? Will it be worse? What entities and mediators exist within the subconscious and the conscious?

Curated by :

Adam Cowan

Featuring artworks by:
Laura Curley
dAeve Fellows
Jonathan Mayhew
Erin Finley
Mark & Patricia
Randall Gagne
Stacey Sproule
Stephanie Fielding
Ulysses Castellones
Robert Dayton
Hanna Hur
Mark Byk
Ian MacTilstra
Jonny Wheeldon
Peter Mohideen
Derek Aubichon
David F.M. Hanes
Zoe Noble Fox
Kaley Flowers
Beth Kotierk
Zoe Solomon
Nitasha McKnight
Felix Kalmerson
Tarp Ghost
Singithi Kandage
Marisa Hoicka
James Fowler

And Performances by:

Fresh Flesh
Amy Jenine
Adrian Disman

+ DJ Peter Malcolm

Show Duration: One night only!
9pm Doors: Phase 1 of “Your Next Life”
1am – 2nd Phase.
2am close

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123576191049675

(((((((GHOST HOLE)))))))

poster by Jesjit Gill

Curated by Vanessa Rieger.

Ghost Holes are an unexplainable phenomena that
occur in areas of high paranormal activity. They
can be found in attics, alley ways, under bridges
or under beds. When the veil between worlds is
thinnest, these otherwise dark and lonely places
become activated and transformed. Mysterious
ghosts and supernatural entities have been recorded
opening doorways that can lead into other worlds,
other times and other dimensions.

Ghost Hole at the White House is a temporary portal
open to all souls to investigate

377 Lansdowne, Toronto, ON
8 pm – 2 am.



NEW Free Drawings #6 will be unleashed!
NEW Halo Halo tape will be released from its mortal coil!

Contributing Artists:

Nicole Torok
Ariel Adele Glenesk
Jonny Wheeldon
Brette Gabel
Laura Curley
Katie Bowes
dAeve Fellows
Brandon Dalmer
Jesjit Gill
Yuula Benivolski
Xenia Benivolski
Vanessa Rieger
Adam Cowan
David Hanes
Julia Dickens
Robert Dayton
Eric Jackson
Laura McCoy
Tarp Ghost

Bands start at 10pm.


This, our fourth quarterly Exhibition will culminate a year in the current White House location.
We will be moving in December – please visit with this amazing house before we leave.



In relation to our submission to the Aviva Community Fund. Please vote for us – only a couple of days left!

September News!

Thanks to everyone who came and supported the Blind Leading the Blind. it was a total success and amazing times!

Special thanks to the Volunteers and performers who made it extra amazing.

This Month marks the departure of Dan Rocca and Jonny Wheeldon and the Arrival of new and amazing studio member Laura Curley

In other news, 3 studio spaces are going to be available at the white house. For a meager $140/month you may rent one or more (??) of these spaces:

1. South East room, 1st floor, Large room with high ceilings, homemade track lighting, big wall space, shared with 2 installation artists (Vanessa R. Christy K. ) good for an installation artist someone who likes to work on walls. you can imagine the possibilities. Hardwood floors, South facing window.

2. West Room 1st Floor, long narrow space shared with 2D artist Adam B. High slanted cielings, very little natural light but 3 walls, lots of privacy. This will be good for you if you like doing video, sound, or lots of desk drawing. it could also be good for installation. Tile flooring. Brick wall facing window (yer fave).

3.Basement. The whole basement room. about 14×14 feet Own exit, bathroom, 5’8 ceilings. adjacent to printmaking studio so would be perfect for tprinters.quite a bit of room. Good for installations, painting, really whatever if you’re 5’8 and under. Concrete floor, do whatever you want on it. 500 electrical outlets if you’re into that kind of thing.


$140 is inclusive. We have the internet, a photocopier, a printmaking studio, a table saw, 3 bathrooms, a giant courtyard and a garage. You can’t smoke, get wasted or ruin other people’s stuff. No living- in.We like it when things are clean, sharing is cool and everyone is really nice!

Every 3 months we have a fundraiser/exhibition/party for the white house.

The space can be used for any kind of function or event as long as you give a couple of days notice.

The white house residents are involved in many collective internal and external events.

Tell Yer Pals!

Email theotherwhitehouse@gmail.com


August 29, 2009. 7 pm

A quarterly Exhibition by Current Residents and Guest performers at the White House:

Victoria Cowan
Vanessa Rieger
Christy Kunitzky
Jonny Wheeldon
Andrew Zuckerman
Brandon A. Dalmer
Emily Cook
Donna Irvine
Megan Speers
Cameron Lee
Sara Titanic
Drew Belsky
Tomas Del Balso
Julia Dickens
Dan Rocca
Xenia Benivolski
Gwyneth Fischer
Aaron Li-Hill
Adam Bradley
Adam Cowan
Margaret Jean Broughton
Abena Asomaning


Tim Comrie

Carl W. Heindl

The CN tower liquidation

Matt Davey

Elizabeth Infante

Yuula Benivolski


377 lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON.