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Past White House member David F. M. Hanes, with his new web-based project called YO GUY, are hosting a video and performance art event on Toronto Island’s artist residency tonight!

530PM – First shuttle bus, picking people up from WARD’S FERRY DOCK
7:00PM – Second shuttle bus, picking people up from WARD’S FERRY DOCK
715PM – Beginning of programming
7:20PM – Emma Cale Roberts featuring Lucy McKenna
7:30PM – Video programming
8:45PM – Intermission
9:15PM – Leah Finkel and Pat Jeffries (Musical Act)
9:30PM – Lisa Cristinzo
10:00PM – Yuula Benivolski
10:15PM – End of Programming
10:30PM – First shuttle bus back to ferry docks departs
11:00PM – Final shuttle bus back to ferry docks departs

So, I just want to be clear that there are two scheduled shuttle buses picking people up from WARDS FERRY DOCKS. The first is 5:30PM and the second is 7PM. You may want to come early because the sun will be setting and it is very pretty here. If you arrive early you can view some of the work that is installed in our secondary viewing room. PLUS, Kat Burns is showcasing her “Hour of my Time” project in an open-studio setting.


Anna-May Henry, Neelam Kler, Geoffrey Pugen, Jon Clark, Paul B. Davis, Micheal Farley, Abbe Findley, Iris Fraser-Gundrunas, Jules Marquis, Hazel-Hill McCarthy III, Laura McCoy, Robby Rackleff, Emma Cale Roberts, Jamie Callum Ross, Dan Siney and Colin Snapp.


(show opens at 6PM)

Artscape Gibraltar Point
Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5J 2E9

Click here for map.

Facebook Event here.


Feb. 11th @ The White House

“Your Next Life” invited artists to record aspirations and surmise predictions for how one arrives there, if they arrive at all. Will life be better? Will it be worse? What entities and mediators exist within the subconscious and the conscious?

Curated by :

Adam Cowan

Featuring artworks by:
Laura Curley
dAeve Fellows
Jonathan Mayhew
Erin Finley
Mark & Patricia
Randall Gagne
Stacey Sproule
Stephanie Fielding
Ulysses Castellones
Robert Dayton
Hanna Hur
Mark Byk
Ian MacTilstra
Jonny Wheeldon
Peter Mohideen
Derek Aubichon
David F.M. Hanes
Zoe Noble Fox
Kaley Flowers
Beth Kotierk
Zoe Solomon
Nitasha McKnight
Felix Kalmerson
Tarp Ghost
Singithi Kandage
Marisa Hoicka
James Fowler

And Performances by:

Fresh Flesh
Amy Jenine
Adrian Disman

+ DJ Peter Malcolm

Show Duration: One night only!
9pm Doors: Phase 1 of “Your Next Life”
1am – 2nd Phase.
2am close

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123576191049675


Dan Epstein

Matthew Andrade

Valerie Massie

Eric Jackson

Keli Lui

Brendan Oulette

D. Bryan Da Silva

Beth Kotierk

Patty Farias

Jon Mccurley

Felix Kalmenson

David F.M. Hanes

Reid Jenkins


Several of The White House residents and friends are participating in the following performance event scheduled to go all day from noon to 11 pm, Saturday September 26th.

Poster By Alicia Nauta!

“The other in the everyday” as a concept posses a variety meanings. Each artist has taken a personal approach to this concept; Vanessa Rieger and Kevin Hainey approach the theme of theft and collection by providing a glimpse into a process that builds up in front of the viewer but begins at a Laundromat down the road, Rebecca Fin Simonetti poetically touches on the subject of insanity and addiction by building a “pill tent” that contains an “other self” ready to be let out at any moment, while Zoe Alexis-Abrams’ performance builds up a precarious structure that is erected only to be destroyed moments after its completion.

The notion of the ‘other’ can be seen as a difference and a presence, retaining a discourse of collective action, voyeurism, consciousness, cause and effect and even things like fate, luck, and fortune; interference or the requesting of interference with another entity or being. Peripheral Redundance: The Other In The Everyday will feature over 22 local artists at the DeLeon White Gallery, bringing visibility to an ever-changing subject in an ever-growing world.

The show is open to Toronto and vicinity residents on September 26th, 2009 beginning at 12pm (noon) and ending at 11PM.
The event will unfold idiosyncratically in the course of these 11 hours: The first 7 hours will contain more durational and object based works, while the following 4 hours will present more action and body based works.

Zoe Alexis-Abrams,
Amelia Ehrhardt,
Laura Paolini,
Jamie Ross,
Derek Muehlgassner,
Anna-May Henry,
Johnny Wheeldon,
Melissa Fisher,
Randall Gagne,
Vanessa Rieger and Kevin Hainey,
Xenia Benivolski,
Adam Cowan,
DaHye Kim and Lanie Chalmers,
Faye Mullen,
Rebecca Fin Simonetti,
Neelam Kler,
Jubal Brown,
Audrey Pagulayan and Robin Cook and Jennifer Weddell
SR Palm,
Laura McCoy,
Minae Om

Curated by David F.M. Hanes and Xenia Benivolski


Call For submissions

for our Halloween Haunted House Event

Is an opening, a gate, a vortex, a temporary entrance we invite those to investigate this Halloween at the White House.

Ghost Holes are unexplainable phenomena that occur in accordance to lunar cycles during the month of October.
Various Ghost Holes open up around the city’s forgotten places and ghosts transform the space for one night only.
The locations of these Ghost Holes are mysterious and unknown until enough energy is manifested and they can be located.
There will be a 3 events before the final Ghost Hole on October 31st.

These transformations vary… from glimpses into the past, the future and sometimes into alternate dimensions.

To stay updated with Ghost Hole occurrences visit:

Ghost Hole is manifesting on October 31st,
at 377 Lansdowne from dark fall (8pm) to the witching hour (3am).
There will be suspected strange occurrences, eerie noises and weird markings.
Bring your flashlight and dress to impress the dead.

Please submit a brief summary of your ideas for the show to

Artworks, installations and performances accepted until Oct. 7th.

QUESTIONS? Attend the meeting at the white house this
Wednesday 23rd, 7pm sharp!