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OPEN HOUSE: 1st Pedestrian Sunday!

The White House is opening it’s doors on the first Pedestrian Sunday of the year!

We will be showing a huge group show of various works by our current members in the studio. We will be selling art and summery refreshments. Come check out the show, hang out and join the festivities in the market!

Elizabeth Basskin
Jeff Riffle
Nitasha NcKnight
Ceilidh Stidwill
Derek Aubichon
Jonathan Mayhew
Vanessa Rieger
Brandon A. Dalmer
James Fowler
Dessa Harhay
Zoe Solomon
Matt Tanner
Taryn Mooradian
Marisa Hoicka
Amy Wong
Paul Kevin Wadsworth
Basil Al-Zeri
Stella Mandrak-Pagani
Joey Bruni
Iris Fraser
Sarah D’angelo


This Open House is also in conjunction with events at neighbouring studios and galleries in the neighbourhood!


with Rochelle Rubenstein Studio, Friends of Churchill Studio, *Hotshot, Whippersnapper Gallery and Kapisanan Philippine Centre.

IN HOUSE: with Nitasha McKnight and Ceilidh Stidwill

a duo-show featuring new works by Nitasha McKnight and Ceilidh Stidwill
in part with the White House Studio Project’s “In House” exhibition series.

The opening reception will be held at The White House (277.5 Augusta Ave)
on Friday, April 22nd between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.
Live musical performances by Fresh Flesh and Drainolith starting at 10pm.

The show will be on exhibition at the White House studios
from April 21st – 28th.

Additional viewing times TBA.

Click here for the facebook event.

Crowded House

A show curated by Whitehouse member Julia Dickens and Andrew Mackay Runs August 16th to August 29th


A collective group exhibition of Toronto and non Toronto – based artists and Illustrators, curated by artists Andrew McKay and Julia Dickens.
Works by the following artists:

Dietrich Rostek (Montreal/Ottawa) http://www.flickr.com/photos/captainrosteck/

Kirsten McCrea (Montreal) http://www.hellokirsten.com/

Andy Borehol (Kitchener/Ottawa) http://thedissatisfactory.blogspot.com/

Graham Robinson (Toronto/Ottawa) http://www.beastwrong.blogspot.com

Ceilidh Stidwill (Toronto/Montreal) http://ceilidhstidwill.blogspot.com/

Julia Dickens (Toronto/Ottawa) http://juliadickens.blogspot.com/

Vanessa Black (Vancouver/Ottawa) http://vanessablack.wordpress.com/

Sherry Garcia (Ottawa) http://www.myspace.com/sherrygarciaart

Theo Pelmus (Ottawa)

Opening show:
7 pm to 11 pm at the Baitshop Gallery


Not in the clamour of the crowded street,
Not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng,
But in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.
–HW Longfellow

When we first embarked on this project, we had decided to produce a
series of portraiture early on, all of us in some way dealing with the
human form, ranging from highly realistic to the surreal. As
we set to work, it admittedly wasn’t until some time later that we
came to the conclusion that through working alone in our studios, we
were building a mass work that would integrate our individual
capacities into a new and complete whole.

Presented here is a collection of portraits from nine artists working
across Canada. The individual faces depicted in the works shown here
as a single collection, are a more or less accurate representation of
‘the crowd.’ As is the case with actual crowds this exhibition may
appear welcoming or hostile, a number of individuals together, or the
teeming throngs of the faceless. The crowd and it’s representation
here may attract or repulse the viewer–perhaps both
simultaneously–leading one to consider what is the individual’s role
in, and response to finding one’s self in the midst of other

Essentially ‘Crowded House’ is a reappraisal of crowds and the
conception of such. The ways the mass exert force on the individual;
the nature of individuality and collectivity; and ultimately,
the ways in which the one exerts a force in directing the collective.

Thank you,

Julia Dickens & Andrew McKay