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Whitehouse Curators Xenia benivolski adn Gregory Denton are curating an external exhibition at Double Double Land this fall.

October 14-17 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday October 14, 7 PM- 11 PM
Double Double Land
209 Augusta (In the Alley)
In Slight Gestures, Xenia Benivolski and Gregory Denton bring together eleven artists whose processes begin with slight gestures, regulated actions and careful choices to create new objects that are strangely compelling. The pieces exude a sentimentality that inspires reverence and curiosity in the viewer. Why do we keep some things while we throw others away? How do you decide which piece should be seen, what is worthy of an au…dience? what is the minimal requirement for a gesture?

By using found and ready made objects, prints and collage, artists are building things that they feel warrant our attention and sentiment. Nikki Woolsey has created a family of objects that create new relationships by communicating in space, through gravity and placement. James Gardner rescued pieces of compositions from his studio floor otherwise headed for the garbage bin, Victoria Cheong presents a projection screen specific for video that has detached itself from its original function and Mark MacKinnon aesthetically alters his TTC Uniform in a minimal, performative gesture.

This exhibition features work by:

Nadia Belerique
Victoria Cheong
Lyndsey Cope
Janis Demkiw
James Gardner
Christy Kunitzky
Cameron Lee
Mark G. MacKinnon
Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
Nikki Woolsey

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 14 at 7:00pm.

The exhibition continues on Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16 from 11:00am – 6:00pm.

A commemorative publication will accompany the exhibition.


August 29, 2009. 7 pm

A quarterly Exhibition by Current Residents and Guest performers at the White House:

Victoria Cowan
Vanessa Rieger
Christy Kunitzky
Jonny Wheeldon
Andrew Zuckerman
Brandon A. Dalmer
Emily Cook
Donna Irvine
Megan Speers
Cameron Lee
Sara Titanic
Drew Belsky
Tomas Del Balso
Julia Dickens
Dan Rocca
Xenia Benivolski
Gwyneth Fischer
Aaron Li-Hill
Adam Bradley
Adam Cowan
Margaret Jean Broughton
Abena Asomaning


Tim Comrie

Carl W. Heindl

The CN tower liquidation

Matt Davey

Elizabeth Infante

Yuula Benivolski


377 lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON.