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The White House Studio SITCOM

First Episode Out Now!

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The Reshelving Initiative is now selling items from White House studio members on their website! If you like to purchase some of our member’s limited edition items, check it out. You can order through PayPal. Money goes into supporting Eyelevel gallery and The White House Studio Project, a great cause!

Lame Vandalism Never Wins

Last month some obviously drunk and confused person tagged our door. We don’t know wither is was some failed joke or a negative slur but it was poorly executed. At the top left corner you can see they misspelled the word “red” and ended up crossing it out.  There was little to no skill in the can-handling and a weak letter style. They covered people’s artwork and they even sprayed out faces on a photo. If you’re gong to spray paint in Kensington market at least bring your A-game.

Maybe they confused us with another, more famous…  “White House”… totally unrelated to our studio project.  We started calling this project the “other” White House studios, because our original location off Lansdowne Avenue was the only white house in a courtyard of houses… and so when giving directions for people to get to our studios… we all would say “walk down the alley, and it’s the White House”.  Turned into a bit of a joke among studio mates.  So that’s where the name came from.

Anyways, sucks we got tagged but it’s just paint and we got tons of that in our studio so gave our door a fresh coat of stencils and art. We figured out a cool way of using a milk crate as a stencil too! We’re very happy with the results.

We just want to point out that we have a non-discrimination policy and don’t tolerate any form of hate in our creative space! Thanks!

Happy Holidays!

TWELVE PEOPLE @ Gallery West

Studio members Zoe Solomon and Jonathan Edward Mayhew are exhibiting some artwork at Gallery west! Also, studio member Vince Vining is helping throw the show and organizing a silent auction. Come on out and show your support! Also, word on the street is that Fresh Flesh might perform!

new location!
1172 Queen Street West
(Queen and Beaconsfield)

Exhibition runs from December 9-22, 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 9, 7-11 PM

This group exhibition will exemplify our enthusiastic approach to facilitating top-quality and provocative work bridging artists from Canada’s east and west, and beyond. All works in this exhibition will be subject to a silent auction held on the evening of Dec. 9.

Featuring artworks by:

Marco Buonocore
Zoe Solomon
Randal Fedje
Nicholas Robins
Laura Ramsey
Jonathan Mayhew
Alice Dixon
Vince Vining
Jason Cawood
SoJin Chun
Evan Tyler
Alexandra Gelis