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GHOST HOLE IV: Saturday Oct. 29th

Ex-White-House-board member Vanessa Rieger is curating Ghost Hole again and this year it is on Toronto Island! Showcasing over 30+ artists, some of them being White House members, and other local talents, transforming the Artscape Gibraltar Point Public school for one night only!!!

For this one-day only event, the school will come to life, or rather, rise back from the dead. Artists will act as necromancers and use their power of art, installation, sound, video and performance to activate the space and open gateways into strange new worlds! Some things you may encounter on your visit to Ghost Hole IV: Sculptures made by poltergeists, a haunted outhouse, bodies on the beach, boobie traps in the woods, ghostly children under the floorboards, altered states of reality, floating apparitions and historical building tours led by ghostly faculty.

Family friendly between 2pm – 6pm,
but once the sun goes down things get a lot darker!
Performances by Maylee Todd (Maloo), JAL, Processor, Barbara, Sunken Skulls, Dune Buddies and comedy by Nick Flanagan.

Tickets on sale now @ soundscapes! 12$

For more information go to:

UPCOMING: External Events

Studio Member James Fowler has curated another year of the 10×10 photography exhibition showcasing Toronto’s queer creative scene.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 28th, 2012: 7 pm – 11pm
at the Gladstone Hotel.

Exhibition runs from June 21 – July 15, 2012

Featuring work by: R.Kelly Clipperton, Adamo de Pax, Guntar Kravis, Sue Lloyd, JJ Levine, John Monteith, Renee Navarro, Alex Nursall, Allyson Scott and Sonja Scharf

On the strength of a resoundingly successful inaugural year, 10×10 has cemented a new yearly tradition of inviting ten queer Canadian photographers to take ten portraits of LGBTQ Canadians who have contributed to the arts. These 100 portraits celebrate those who share their talents and creativity through various art forms, as well as those who work behind the scenes to support the arts.

For its sophomore outing, the 10×10 Photography Project has assembled a new roster of ten LGBTQ photographers with varied professional backgrounds and diverse approaches to portraiture. They focus our attention on some of Canada’s leading creative minds and arts professionals, shining a light on tomorrow’s brightest stars. Some of the subjects featured in this year’s exhibition include: Kristyn Wong-Tam, Vivek Shraya, David Dixon, Daniel MacIvor, Salah Bachir, Rae Spoon, Johnny Forever, Andy Fabo, Elle Flanders, Christopher House, Damion Nurse, Zoe Whittall, Ed Pien, Sook-Yin Lee, Deb Pearce, Diane Flacks, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Shauna Dempsey, Jamie Angell and many many more!!


Studio member Vanessa Rieger is now on the Board for Whippersnapper gallery and is helping out with the New Traditions art and music festival.

June 30th, 12noon – 11pm.
At Gibraltar Point Artscape – Toronto Island

The first annual New Traditions: Island Music and Art Festival will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Island on Saturday June 30th. This independent artist-run and family friendly festival will feature 12 straight hours of live music, site-specific outdoor art installations, performances, folk dance workshops, a puppet slam and feasts of fresh food.

Featuring performance and artwork by:
Alessandra Naccarato
Kosa Kolektiv
Chandra Melting Tallow
Maylee Todd + Jenna Lee Forde
Felix Kalmenson
Artichoke Heart Collective
Box Outside Storytelling Collective
+ featuring over 12 musical acts!

MELODRAMZ: David Balzer Book Launch

MELODRAMZ: A Night of Contrivances honours all manner of lavish gestures, flamboyant dress and states of distress in celebration of the launch of Toronto-based writer David Balzer’s new e-book of short stories, Contrivances (Joyland/ECW Press).

Read more about Contrivances and its neurotic heroines here:

The launch is marked by a one-night-only exhibition featuring artwork from and related to the book by:

Derek Aubichon
Marcel Dzama
Alison Fleming
Alexandra Flood
Oliver Husain
Sholem Krishtalka
Vanessa Rieger
Emily Stoddart
Janet Werner
Margaux Williamson

Throughout the evening, there will be short readings—in drag—by Lauren Bride, Sean O’Neill, Liz Peterson, Bojana Stancic, Regina the Gentlelady, more.

Between readings, reeraw (Sheroes) DJs.

After the readings, dance your red shoes off with DJs Kevin Ritchie (Big Primpin), Luis Jacob (Love Saves the Day) and Balonius (Shakedown Street). Enjoy a unique array of gifs pertaining to the book, from Johnny Guitar to Jennifer Jason Leigh after-school specials, curated by reeraw and made by Helen Adamidou, Gaby Cepeda, Manuel Fernández, Tony Halmos, Georges Jacotey, Rollin Leonard, Grace McEvoy, Sally McKay, Rea McNamara, Lorna Mills, Chiara Passa, Yoshi Sodeoka and Giselle Zatonyl.

Admission is $8 and includes a copy of Contrivances.
Doors at 8:00pm
@ The White House
277.5 Augusta Ave.

This Thursday: NEW CIVILIZATIONS Book Launch

++++++++ BOOK LAUNCH ++++++++CHRIS FOSTER++++++++

Developed over the period of two years, New Civilizations is a body of elaborate collages created with collected imagery from old magazines and books. The works depict improbable landscapes that integrate modern and ancient architecture. They depict figures engaged in ambiguous activities of construction and destruction suggesting a state of flux. They use a dark sense of humour to explore patterns of futility in human activity while negotiating feelings of optimism and hopelessness. New Civilizations is self published in a first print edition of 250, 24 pages printed offset. They are $25.

Join us this Thursday for the launch
at The White House, 277.5 Augusta Ave.
Opens at 8pm.

Chris Foster is a Halifax based Artist working in illustration, installation and printmaking. His work employs a dark sense of humour to explore themes of escapism, resourcefulness and First World excess.

More of his work can be viewed at

This Saturday, March 31st!

a show of band t-shirts for bands that don’t exist!

@ The White House Studio Project
277.5 Augusta Ave., Toronto
Saturday, March 31, 2012
8:00pm until 12:00am

The t-shirts that you weren’t allowed to see. Banned t-shirts for metal bands that don’t exist, or that never made it, coating the walls of the White House Gallery. Once we remove the referenced sound and subject we are left with the objective tee cloth; a disassociated idea of pure market fantasy and functional warmth.

Contributing Artists:
Ashley Barron
David Contin
Annie Milova
Efehan Elbi
Eric Euler
Felix Larios
Aaron Manczyk
Taras Ostapchuk
Stephen Seguin
Zachariah Tatham
Bradford Wilson
+ plus +

3D Projections by Zachariah Tatham & Aaron Manczyk (minus da 3D)

Featuring DJ set by ZZIJIZZ (BJ & Rimmer)
+ special guests +