Don on Don

Life before the big house.
Stories. Anecdotes.
A journey from here to there.
Destruction. Construction.
… Dark. Light. Wood.
And many hands.

Come join us at the White House on the darkest day of the year/the winter solstice/the festival of lights, for an intimate evening with Don Miller. He will talk about his creative ventures, the re-use of materials, his home, Don Blanche and LIGHT!

PWYC door.
Starts at 7pm, ends at 9pm.
277.5 Augusta Ave.

White House member, Basil AlZeri, will also be presenting a preview of his winter-line of Artist Made Refreshing Drinks!

Don Miller is an idea-based visual artist, intuitive carpenter and poet who lives near Shelburne, Ontario. Miller works in a number of media including performance, video, installation, experimental architecture, snow sculpture and written word. He also works with stone, steel and wood to generate income to fund his artistic pursuits; his creative endeavours tend to infiltrate his life, and his life tends to infiltrate his art. His projects include an ongoing series of sensory deprivation and/or sensory enhancement snow caves, a large one of a kind “frankenbarn” constructed from numerous century old barns, spoken word performances at various venues, and creating what he terms “a strategy for living.” Don received a BFA in 2002 from NSCAD University (formerly the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design).

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