GUESS WHAT?! with The Three Tongues

The Three Tongues: A Curated Series of Pedagogical Exchanges
by Stacey Sproule & Elizabeth Underhill.

This workshop/lecture will expand on the idea of disseminating knowledge orally. Stacey and Elizabeth will choose three skills to be taught at the inaugural Three Tongues Meeting: both choosing from their beliefs about what are important skills to proliferate.

Stacey and Elizabeth will present three invited guests, each teaching one of the “Three Tongues” to a group of interested participants. The attendees will be sectioned off into three groups and each group will be taught a different skill simultaneously. At the end of the first 20 minute cycle the teachers join their groups and then the groups are divided and paired off giving the students the opportunity to teach each other the skill they just gleaned. When the second 20 minutes has passed the pairs are then switched once more which completes the cycle and by the end of the last 20 minutes all the participants have had the chance to collect the three new skills and teach at least two of them. As a token to take away from The Three Tongues, and to help with the learning process, each participant will be given a handmade tag – so we can keep track of the groups and to also remember their experiences.

We will be learning three new skills that explore different forms of decision making:

Pendulum Dowsing
Contra Dancing
Drawing Intuitively

Thursday, September 8th

7:00pm – 10:00pm
Meet at the Whitehouse
277.5 Augusta Avenue


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