Thursday June 9th: Guess What?! with Roch Smith

Old School: GI Joe teaches us how to play
With Roch Smith

During the 1970s, short comic books were enclosed with the play-sets that detailed the Adventures of GI Joe – examples include: Shark’s Surprise, Search for the Stolen Idol, Secret Mission to Spy Island. Even at the time, the concepts of scripted play were questioned by many parents and educators as lacking in creativity and imagination. Curiously, these comics promoted lightly veiled right wing views of cold war politics.

It seems quaint to look back to a more “wholesome” time and dismiss what was deemed problematic. I would argue that it is precisely by examining the past that we can better see what the present offers and how marketing and consumer inertia has allowed for ever increasing and rigorous levels of scripted play.

The White House Studio 277.5 Augusta Ave.
Doors at 7:30pm
Lecture starts at 8pm
Limited seating, so come early.
Refreshments will be served.

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