SICK!: In House with Dessa Harhay and Amy Wong

Opening Thursday May 12th @ 7PM – 11PM

@ The White House Gallery – 277.5 Augusta Ave.

Featuring DJ dance party (DJ Ambulance Wolf)
Live musical experience with Parent-Teacher Night:
and BON FIRE Jewelry line by Rachel Hawkes Cameron

‘Sick!’ presents new work by Toronto born artists Dessa Harhay and Amy Wong. The two painters will be exhibiting work that reflects the ambiguity of the word ‘sick’ – referring to the notion of being affected by physical and mental illness, or as a compliment – a word that takes on both a positive and negative light depending on context. The work contemplates decadence, beauty, consumerist culture, information overload, the recent election results in Canada and the search for spirit throughout.

Having exhibited together as founding members of local art collective, the YPF, Harhay and Wong have often developed their practice side by side as Concordia University fine arts graduates (Montreal, QC). Since living in Montreal, both artists have taken different paths, leading them to live in separate parts of the world such as Chicago, Amsterdam, China, and New York. They have now regrouped in Toronto to show a collection of new work reflecting their growth while apart.

(exhibition on display through to May 20th)
Sitting hours: daily 1-5pm

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