GUESS WHAT?! with Jessica Cimó and Sarah Friend

This Thursday, April the 21st, we have a two lectures planned for GUESS WHAT?! on the topic of ARTS & BUSINESS. (a scary topic for some)

Have you ever found yourself having trouble pricing your artwork? Do you sometimes find yourself mystified by how the art market actually works? Does the idea of “business” and “art” get you down? This Thursday Jessica and Sarah are planning to shed some light on the art market, give us some tips and explanations of how it works and how to make it work for us (artists). If you have uncertainty, anxiety or apprehension on this subject, these lectures are for you!

Jess Cimó: The Ides of March; Self-preservation and the Art World

An educational lecture that will target the politics of art for emerging artists. It will involve everything from how pricing is established, to what to watch out for, along with true stories from the lack-luster offices beyond the viewing room and behind the white walls of the white box. To share the passion as creators and exhibitors is so important, but to live the reality can become taxing and at times complicated. Looking at the stream of commercial galleries and the power cycles that drive buyers and markets, attendees will be welcome to share their personal experiences and comments, as well as to ask questions in a Q&A session to follow.

Sarah Friend: The Last Great Unregulated Market: Footnotes from the Ground Floor

This lecture would attempt to explain some of the polar economic perspectives that animated the twentieth century and accordingly shaped art history. This would involve a discussion of arts funding under different types of governments and introduce the idea of an artistic practice as an “artistic mode of production” by using specific artists to illustrate the relationship between art and economic structures. Also, this lecture will articulate how the art world as an unregulated market impacts the daily working lives of artists. Speculation, inflation, and advertising play important roles in the art market. What is the nature of the artist/dealer relationship, and how important is artistic branding?

@ the White House Studio (277.5 Augusta ave)
Doors and first lecture starts at 6pm.
Followed by second lecture.

PWYC (money from door goes to supporting lecturing artists)

Click here for facebook event.

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