Studio member, Marisa Hoicka, will be performing at next weekend’s
FADO emerging Artist Series along with some other talented emerging performance artists. Check it out!

FADO Performance Art Centre presents:
the 2011 Emerging Artists Series

Curated by Gale Allen

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas
Johnny Forever & Marisa Hoicka
Amy Lam
Amy Jenine Ling Wong
Lisa Visser

Saturday March 12, 2011

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

DAY PROGRAM / on-going performances: 12-6PM (FREE)
EVENING / performance event: 7PM (PWYC/$10)

Extra-Rational is a series of performances by emerging Canadian artists that embrace the aesthetics of popular culture and seek to recuperate/utilize these “low brow” processes of production and cognition. The artists in Extra-Rational intentionally make use of aesthetic choices and methods of production that directly challenge the rubric of high-brow vs low-brow culture. These artists use the position of the trivialized, the unmentionable, the frivolous, the carnal and the other as a means to challenge the rationalization of high culture.


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