Past White House member David F. M. Hanes, with his new web-based project called YO GUY, are hosting a video and performance art event on Toronto Island’s artist residency tonight!

530PM – First shuttle bus, picking people up from WARD’S FERRY DOCK
7:00PM – Second shuttle bus, picking people up from WARD’S FERRY DOCK
715PM – Beginning of programming
7:20PM – Emma Cale Roberts featuring Lucy McKenna
7:30PM – Video programming
8:45PM – Intermission
9:15PM – Leah Finkel and Pat Jeffries (Musical Act)
9:30PM – Lisa Cristinzo
10:00PM – Yuula Benivolski
10:15PM – End of Programming
10:30PM – First shuttle bus back to ferry docks departs
11:00PM – Final shuttle bus back to ferry docks departs

So, I just want to be clear that there are two scheduled shuttle buses picking people up from WARDS FERRY DOCKS. The first is 5:30PM and the second is 7PM. You may want to come early because the sun will be setting and it is very pretty here. If you arrive early you can view some of the work that is installed in our secondary viewing room. PLUS, Kat Burns is showcasing her “Hour of my Time” project in an open-studio setting.


Anna-May Henry, Neelam Kler, Geoffrey Pugen, Jon Clark, Paul B. Davis, Micheal Farley, Abbe Findley, Iris Fraser-Gundrunas, Jules Marquis, Hazel-Hill McCarthy III, Laura McCoy, Robby Rackleff, Emma Cale Roberts, Jamie Callum Ross, Dan Siney and Colin Snapp.


(show opens at 6PM)

Artscape Gibraltar Point
Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5J 2E9

Click here for map.

Facebook Event here.

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