Ghost Hole II: October 30th

Two Venues – Thirty Artists – Three Bands – Two DJS – One Midnight Pilgrimage

“Ghost Holes are unexplainable phenomena that occur in areas of high paranormal activity. They can be found in attics, alleyways, under bridges or under beds. When the veil between worlds is thinnest, these otherwise dark and lonely places become activated and transformed. Mysterious ghosts and supernatural entities have been recorded opening doorways that can lead into other worlds, other times and other dimensions.”

Last year, the first Ghost Hole opened to a ramble-rousing crowd of hundreds with zombie shootouts, ritualistic ceremonies, and plasticized animal parts.

This year, dark forces have been at work…and the fabric of time and space has been disturbed! An unprecedented event is occurring! TWO Ghost Holes are opening up the same night!!!

Devil’s Night, The White House will host a multi-venue haunted house spanning Kensington Market, with a midnight pilgrimage from The White House (277.5 Augusta Ave) to Double Double Land (209 Augusta Ave) to hear the sounds of Fresh Flesh, Toddler Body, and Induced Labour, and performance and video.

Ghost Hole #1: The White House – 277.5 Augusta Ave (8pm- 11pm)
Pilgrimage: Midnight to…
Ghost Hole #2: Double Double Land – 209 Augusta Ave (11pm – Death)

Music by:
Fresh Flesh
Toddler Body
Induced Labour

DJ Peter Malcolm
DJ Tumbleweave

Visuals By:
Heather Smith
Laura Curley
Erin Zimerman
Peter Kalyniuk
Jamie Ross
Julia Dickens
Kira Crugnale
Brandon A. Dalmer & Cameron Scott
Jonny Wheeldon
Felix Kalmerson
Sarah Friend
Jenine Marsh
Adam Cowan
Erica Brisson
Neelam Kler
Vanessa Rieger
Taya Cornett
Brandon Bolmmaert
David F.M. Hanes
Dodo Baji
Nitasha McKnight
Sarah Friend
Jonny Wheeldon
Zoe Alexis-Abrams
Larry McDowell
Ian MacTilstra
Marisa Hoicka


*All proceeds go towards The White House Studio Project, a studio space initiative that is a reaction to the dire workspace situation for artists in downtown Toronto. Non-profit, volunteer-run, and terminally poor.*

Facebook Event Page:!/event.php?eid=159073390782696&index=1

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