By Ulysses Castellanos!

Check it! This Monday October 11, Ulysses will talk about how to be a shameless self-promoter. He will cover all aspects of self-promotion; from how to break with conventional wisdom, and stamp out the fear of bigging yourself up, to practical tips and ideas for promoting yourself.

White House Studio Project, #277.5 Augusta Ave. Toronto, Ont

Monday October 18, 7 PM
In this informative and insightful talk you’ll learn things like:
-How to balance the production and promotion aspects of your career
…-Fear: the wonderful motivator
-The truth about failure, and how to use it to succeed
-How to set up a mastermind group
-The positive power of negative thinking
-How to be a wizard, and attract attention to yourself
-How to beware and stay the hell away from the wizards
-How to set up a system (what Napoleon Hill never figured out)
-How to stay alive, get shit done and kick tons a’ ass
-How to become brilliant by embracing your own stupidity
-The Claudius Caesar effect
-How to never be an asshole by allowing yourself to be one
-How to build a herd, and the magic formula of the ratio of number of constituents to profits
-The advantages of multiple lines of income
-How to never have a job and still make money
-How to rid yourself of mental hangups regarding self-promotion
-How to deal with those goddamn haters
and much, much more!

The Ulysses Castellanos Golden Seal You-Will-Like-This-Shit-Or-Double-Your-Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee: That’s right! I am so convinced that you’ll find this information useful, that if for any reason you don’t feel satisfied, I will double your money back!

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