GUESS WHAT!! Organize Your Biz-Shiz With Misty-Dawn MacMillan

Monday August 23, 7pm

Bette’ Recognize You Gotta Organize Your Biz-Shiz

But—I’m an artist; I don’t do paperwork! Try again. You are setting yourself up for hours of frustration scouring through piles of ‘crap’ trying to find one piece of paper, only to find that it’s been crumpled and torn. Filling out grant applications, answering calls for submissions, keeping track of where your art is at, and the rest of the unglamorous side of building your art practice could be accomplished with streamlined precision—if only you had a little organization. This lecture / workshop will take the pain out of getting everything from your CV, press clippings, sales charts, consignment forms, drafts, and more into one place so you can get on with making your art.

Bring your stuff; a binder, scissors, page dividers, cv, etc BRING STUFF!

Misty-Dawn is an art consultant and collections manager based in Montreal, QC. After getting her library technician diploma, she’s worked in several libraries organizing their collections and writing policy and procedure manuals. Consequently, she thinks phrases like “authority control” are sexy. She spent a year at Corkin Gallery, where she worked as the Registrar, before moving on to YYZ Artists’ Outlet where she currently works as the Publishing and Programming Assistant.

WORTH REPEATING: Bring your stuff; a binder, scissors, page dividers, cv, etc BRING STUFF!


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