GUESS WHAT!! with Amelia Ehrhardt

This Monday for our guest speaker series GUESS WHAT?!:

Amelia Ernhardt: Dance 101

“I feel like once a week I have a conversation with a pal that results in ‘I didn’t know you were a dancer’/’You’re the only dancer I know’/’I have never seen dance’, and I’m starting to wonder/worry that there’s such a big divide between contemporary dancers and every other contemporary artmaker in the city. there are exceptions to the rule but by and large dancers tend to hole themselves out and not engage with the rest of the… community, and it winds up being to our detriment – non-art people think “modern dance” is too weird and art people think it’s not weird enough.

So I want to (graciously) (nicely) defend it for the length of a lecture, give some brief history about it’s development, how it came to canada, post-modern dance in the 60s/70s, the cool cool shit that happened here in the 70s, people doing amazing tricks and cool shit with their bodies in the 80s and 90s, everything that has happened in europe, ever, the many current and historical collaborations/crossovers between film/projection//intermedial practices all other uses of video art/new media and dance.

and then talk about what’s happening here now IRL.”

Starts at 8pm sharp.
277 Augusta, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON.
Pay What You Can!

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