Canada’s leading publisher of unpublishable literature cordially invites you to a night of readings, music and general awesomeness in celebration of the release of their first issue.
August 6 at The White House, 227 Augusta Ave. (2nd floor)
Featuring readings from Issue #1 contributors, including:
N. Alexander Armstrong
Mark Kowgier
Nyla Matuk
Stephen Thomas

Lindsay Tipping
Plus live music (performers TBA), drunk scrabble and a few exciting surprises.

N. Alexander Armstrong is given to elaborate fantasies. His work has been published in The Flying Walrus magazine, GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose, Steel Bananas Webzine, and all over the Akashic Records.
Mark Kowgier is a 26-year-old teacher and (unpublished) writer living in St Catharines. He teaches English and Math at Columbia International College in Hamilton. He publishes poetry on his website, and he is currently working on his first novel: Comrade Calculator Quits Smoking.
Nyla Matuk’s first book of poems, Oneiric, was published in 2009 by Frog Hollow Press. A second book of poems will be published in 2012 with Signal Editions. Poems have appeared in The Shore magazine, Misunderstandings magazine, ARC Poetry and are forthcoming in PRISM International. Her poems are also online in the Archive of Poets at Greenboathouse Books. Short fiction and essays have appeared in the literary journals Event, Room of One’s Own, Descant and in Alphabet City’s Food and Trash issues. She has contributed journalism on architecture and literary topics as a freelancer to the Globe and Mail, and numerous magazines.
Stephen Thomas: Stephen’s processing power is “good” but not remarkable. His ability to manipulate abstract symbols is good. His ability to analyze and respond to an argument in real-time is good. His general knowledge of cultural trends and works is good. His ability to dedicate himself to an artistic project is good but not excellent. His “taste” is good but can be improved.
Lindsay Tipping lives in Toronto. She has previously had work published in Rampike, Matrix, Filling Station, Dandelion and Utne Reader.

ABOUT THE QUARTERLY: The Incongruous Quarterly is the only Canadian literary magazine dedicated to giving  homeless literature somewhere to live. Whether too long or too short, too strange or too normal, too graphic or formal, too much or too little, the Incongruous Quarterly is Canada’s magazine for stories and poems that are definitely unpublishable but never unreadable.
Issue #1 goes online JULY 31st, 2010, and features work by a diverse range of contributors, from bestselling authors to the previously unpublished. Poetry, fiction and Kill Fee sections guest-edited by acclaimed writers Daniel Scott Tysdal, Pasha Malla and Sheila Heti, respectively.

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