Some Recent Pictures of the Whitehouse


South end of studio; Nadia berlique, Liana Shmidt, Vanessa Rieger, Lisa Cristinzo, Rebecca Fin, Jonathan Mayhew, Ceilidh Stidwill and Jen Hutton.


South end; Hayden Menzies, Krysta Lee Woodcock, Laura Curley

Rebecca Fin Simonetti's Space

Ceilidh Stidwill's Space

West window views: Jon McCurley, Derek Aubichon, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

Swintak working in the main space

Adam Cowan, Nitasha McKnight, Dani Nash, Julia Dickens, Serge Slipachenko

Nitasha and Adam's spaces

Greg's butt/ Northeast Hallway

Office with Bill Burns' 'playlist'

Swintak, Olia Mishchenko, Janis Demikiw and Sebastian Butt working on the project 11:11


Then they took it to the AGO

This is what became of it

Sebastian Butt, Janis Demkiw, Olia Mishchenko, Sandy Plotnikoff and Christing Swintak are Toronto-based artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Their approaches to making art vary widely, yet they are united by their interest in creative exchange, collaboration and working from a place of community. These artists have worked together in different combinations in the past, and 11:11 is a dynamic expression of their joint productive forces and impulses.

By interpreting a manufacturing plant in various mediums, 11:11 invites you to engage with the translations that occur between the drawings, sculptures, installations and prints that the various artists contribute. 11:11 is a palindrome, a sequence of digits that is the same in both directions, whether read forwards or backwards. It is also a number that numerologists believe has other worldly connotations. They claim that random events occur at this time more often than chance would dictate. With this simple yet obscure title, the artists seem to be taking opposing positions – invoking balance and symmetry on the on hand, and the unstable or uncanny on the other. 11:11 operates in both of these realms, as its configuration proposes a correlation between its two- and three-dimensional elements. But its ultimate effect is an inefficient yet multi-logical asymmetry.

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