Fools Gold 1 (2007)

Our new project room resident Katie Pretti contributes a feverish, gestural drawing aesthetic to the White House space. Playful pigments decipher the surfaces of her models in comparison to their figurative forms alone. Her mark-making ranges from minimal line drawing to abundant, more concentrated areas of colour. She primarily practices with oil sticks, ink and graphite on paper or canvas. In a painterly motion reminiscent of spreading strawberry jam or writing in cursive with lipstick.

Since her graduation at OCAD , Pretti’s work has been exhibited at Galerie Simon Blais in Montreal, Bjornson Kajiwara in Vancouver and her publication Sonority of Words is archived in the National Gallery of Canada. Represented by LE gallery, her works are frequently exhibited and accessible on their website.

Her process can involve settling upon a crucial playlist, as she discussed with blogTO, “noise, really cool sounding noise” can help guide her drawings.1 In which case, we look forward to the sound of her working at the White House.

1 Turingan, Rannie. “Katie Pretti” Artist Gallery: Katie Pretti. blogTO., 25 November 2008. Web. 26 June 2010.

One response to “KATIE PRETTI

  1. Katie Pretti…
    she is the best !!!
    cetainly one of the most exciting new canadian artists in years !!!
    is the white house just a happening place ?
    and/or is her work just showing up everywhere?
    …both i hope…
    and now you have emma healey and the incongruous quarterly too on the 31st???
    well done white house