Tomorrow – Zeesy Powers gives a talk

Internet Basics For Your Edification and Empowerment

March 4th, 7 pm , at The Whitehouse, 277.5 Augusta Avenue.

By popular demand, The White House presents an evening workshop on


What is the internet? Why does it work? How can I manipulate its dark forces for my own benefit?

Bring your computer or even just a pen and paper for an introductory evening. Learn:

-the basics of HTML and CSS
-what javascript is, what it does and how you can use it
-the origins and future of the Internet


Workshop facilitator Zeesy Powers has been messing around with the internet since Geocities was a place and you could own a part of Hollywood. She has recently returned from Palomar5, a future-oriented think-tank where she hung out with IT security experts and other magicians, working on a research project to deliver free ubiquitous internet through a global network of satellites.

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