Zoe Alexis – Abrams

Zoë Alexis-Abrams
is a toronto-based poet and fictioneer, and performance artist working closely with the other whitehouse studio collective. she recently graduated from the york university creative writing program, prior to which she was granted the 2009 babs burgraaf award for short fiction, and the 2008 president’s prize for poetry. in may 2009, she curated the group multimedia performance television experiences at avant-garde venue somewhere there, featuring performances by David Hanes, Rebecca Pletsch, D. Alex Meeks and Neil Cavalier/natalie logan (toronto). lately, Zoë has been experimenting with the concept behind replicating domestic objects and intimate moments in time, collaborating with filmmaker Mina Sewell Mancuso for a September 2009 performance at the Deleon-White gallery’s Peripheral Redundance: the other in the everyday.

Zoë’s upcoming projects include a comprehensive, collaborative performance with clarinetist
John Williams, and percussionist Justin Ruppel, titled smaller brass replicas (2010), a series of intimately-themed dioramas, and a collection of illustrated poems under the working-title the more you know, reader.

Installation by Zoe Alexis- Abrams

Installation/ Performance by Zoe Alexis Abrams and Mina Sewell Mancuso

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