This is our last month at our amazing house on Lansdowne! In December we will be moving to a new space which brings a lot of changes in our mandate and composition. We’re working on it!

New Studio members Jonathan Mayhew and Gregory Denton use their full names in casual conversation. Just kidding! Welcome dudes!!!

Please look at our photos from the Ghost hole event at the Events page, it was a huge success. Our next related event, “It Follows Me” a video Screening Curated by David F.M. Hanes and Xenia Benivolski follows up on a recent performance exhibit featuring several current and former members of the collective as well as other artists.

Saturday November 14th
Double Double Land – 209 Augusta.

$3 @ the door starts at 8PM – videos start at 9 with an intermission at 10.

“It Follows Me” will be a continuation of the September26th event (Peripheral Redundance) that happened at DWG in Toronto. This new event will be at an entirely new space and with a somewhat different vibe.
This night will consist of primarily video works from the previous show, as well as, some new works and possibly some new performances; all of which reflect upon the original theme of: The Other In The Everyday.


Derek Muehlgassner
Laura McCoy
Anna May Henry
Jubal Brown
Neelam Kler
Laura Paolini
SR Palm
Jamie Ross
Vanessa Rieger + Kevin Hainey
Minao Omi+ Anaeq

Performances by:

Jon McCurley
Yuula Benivolski

Please come support these artists – All profits are going towards a catalog compilation of the work.

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